How You Can Help Us

If you would like to help to reduce the pain and suffering in the community caused by heart and lung diseases and disorders.

Please give your support to our work.

The amount of grant aid we are able to award to National Heart and Lung Institute depends on your kindness and generosity.

A donation in memory of a loved one is a very personal way to remember someone dear to you.  Often funeral directors assist with the practicalities of making donations such as these. 

Cheques should be made payable to National Heart & Lung Institute Foundation , and sent to Secretary to the Trustees, NHLI Foundation, Guy Scadding Building, Dovehouse Street, London  SW3 6LY.

A donation helps to secure a healthier future for you, your family and friends.

You may wish to make your donation by Gift Aid (please click here for the form to use) or use the on-line giving option via the Wonderful Organisation

A legacy helps to secure a healthier future for those you leave behind.

Celebrate an anniversary or special occasion by asking your friends to make a donation in lieu of presents.

Thank you.

National Heart and Lung Institute Foundation
Guy Scadding Building
Dovehouse Street
London SW3 6LY

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